Alexis’ Story: He Knew What He Was Doing

Alexis’ Story: He Knew What He Was Doing

Today was a normal day where my boyfriend usually comes over i sit in his lap on the porch we cuddle and kiss and talk…but today was different (i was 12 he was 15 my mom allowed a 3 year gap) he knocked on the door and of course i answer it and came out side but the first thing i noticed that he was a little jumpy then we went in for a hug and i dropped my phone so after the hug i bent down to get my phone and as i was coming i noticed he had a boner not like a normal one from seeing your girlfriend but a “i just had sex boner” so i asked where he was and he said a friends house then he got a text i was quick to grab his phone off the table next to us and it was his mom so i didn’t really care but i was still a little suspicious then he asked if we could go walking he didn’t want to sit still so we went walking to a nearby church where everybody hangs out smokes weed has sex etc but we went into this tunnel like place where he kissed me i didn’t think much of it we always kissed but then i found him on top of me and i felt a little weird and i didn’t want it to go any farther but i didn’t have the nerve to say no or stop so he reached his hand down my pants and put 2 fingers inside me then when he realized it was tight and i was a virgin he said oh this might hurt i hope your OK with it and i stupidly said yes soon we were both naked and he was on top of me then when he started to “put it in” i finally said “i don’t wanna do this anymore i think we should leave” of course his reply “no we got to far for you to quit now”then i begged him o stop but he kept on and on for what seemed like forever i was in tears and he made me walk home alone, scared,crying,and with blood running out of my shorts i blamed myself for wearing a crop top and booty shorts around him i just wanted to be like the other girls after that he never responded to my texts, he blocked me on all social media, and never walked my road again its been 2 years and i have tried not to think about it but about 2 days ago he texted me asking if i was OK and telling me he was sorry and if we could try our relationship again i told him no what he did was horrible and he was lucky i didn’t tell anybody i blocked his number and this is now the 3rd website i have shared my story on i want to get my story out there to all the younger girls with older boyfriends don’t let it get too far never be scared to say no and ALWAYS tell someone if it get too far and its never your fault!!! good luck



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