Anonymous Story: Teacher-Student affairs

Anonymous Story: Teacher-Student affairs

This is a genuine
love letter to all men
that contributed to
the inspiration
of its redaction.

I am Dr. Expectation
I fuel myself with biased willingness
In front of all your admiration
I can’t wait to see you undress

I am here to complete my personal mission
In this kingdom overflowing with unawareness
A place where any door can be a secret invitation
To which inexperience is the only allowed witness

New souls cross its threshold every season
Every one of them beautifully armorless
This symbolic place is full of my deception
University, your education is priceless

You saw me for the first time today.
I can tell it is the first time you see someone like me.
I know we are both of a special but different kind.
For me it is much clearer though.
I know exactly what you are.
I can recognize it right away every time.
I have encountered your kind for many years.
I am always happy to see your kind you know.
And I know your kind is quite happy to see me too.

I want to show you a door you have never seen.
I know you have never seen a door like it before,
It’s because I know you by heart already.
I have been introducing doors to many souls for a very long time.
I always feel proud to present that kind of door to your kind.

I know what is behind the door.
I know it so well, this is my favorite kind of door.
I actually build that door all by myself.
I will open it for you.
I want to show you I am kind.
I could be really good for you I am sure.
But I know it is you that will be really good for me.

I then invite you to step in, because that is what doors are for.
I know you will step in because it is the first time you see a door like this.
All of your kind is curious about that door, I know it very well.
I worked on that door for quite a while.
My door is appealing. Familiar. Trustworthy. Beautiful door.

I told you I know what you are.
And I know you don’t know what I am.
I know you wouldn’t like it if I told you what I am.
That’s why I build a door in the first place.
I know the effects of my door on your kind.
I am glad because I always get to choose when to open that door.
I am the only one with the key too.
It is my door. I am the only one that controls it.

I know you won’t like what is behind my door.
But I know that, once you’ve stepped in,
I’ll have plenty of time to take what I want from you.
Before you realize that my door is rotten,
There is a chance for me to be myself once more.
I have so much to take from you.
And I am glad I don’t have anything to give you back.

It’s true though. I forgot to tell you.
You see, I have built tons of doors already.
It is because in my spare time I am a door builder.
I have tons of keys and I normally use more than one on a regular basis.
But you should have known that from the start, don’t you think?
Like, what kind of person will open a door for you anyway?
Door builders only build doors for themselves.
I think you are quite naive for thinking otherwise.

I know you are not happy with what you found behind my door.
But you have to understand.
Being a door builder is something quite common.
Since I am already an expert on many things,
I thought developing this art wouldn’t hurt.
Door builders love to experiment with their art.
Door builders want to be expert in their art too.
Door builders form a closed community.
Our kind have only one way to be part of that community,
And my kind is vital for this community to exist.

Building these doors for your kind is not a mental health issue.
I consider it to be my legitimate right.
I was born this way and I love the way I am.
You cannot do anything about it.
My kind is really proud of itself. We know we rule the world.
Your kind will always be there for us by the way.
Your kind cannot take care of itself and that is what is best about it.
I like to think that I can build more than simple rotten doors.
But we both know all my doors smell really bad.
This is the only thing I would never hide from you.

These doors are really personal to me.
But none are personal to you, I am sorry to disappoint you.
I am capable of building so many rotten doors.
It is something I am really comfortable with.
That is why I am always after wet wood.
It’s because I know it won’t last long term.
And that every year I can start again on new souls.

I am grateful for one thing though.
I realized that you and I share something unique together.
It is something I sense you never shared with anyone else.
I think you want me to know how special I am to you.
This letter you wrote to me says a lot about you.
Now I am certain that the respect you have for me,
Is quite the same as my love for you.



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