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Have you ever been so excited to start a project, but gotten lost in the details? That’s where I’m at.

At my school, I’m now the president/spearhead of a club that is focused solely on sexual assault prevention. One of the main reasons I started this club was to create a whole month at my school focused on sexual assault awareness and ways to prevent it. I’m so excited for it. We’ve booked speakers, poets, workshops, and different sessions throughout the month of April. The main event is going to be a candlelit evening with over 300 lanterns on my campus green showing how many students on our campus statistically could be affected by sexual assault.

As I was planning this, though, I think I got lost in the statistics. They’re important when spreading the message, but I’m losing the touch of reality and forgetting how it actually feels. That’s where I’m asking for help.

I’m creating large, human sized black silhouettes that will be spread throughout campus. On them will be stories from survivors on either what happened, how they felt, or what they’re doing to feel empowered. My request is for you to send me something, whether one sentence or a few paragraphs, on how sexual assault has affected you. You can include your name and age if you’d like, but it can also be completely anonymous. I want the students on my campus to understand the magnanimity of sexual assault, and with your help, I can do that.


You can send anything to heather@wyrproject.org, and I’ll gladly feature your story in my month of awareness. Thank you for being willing to help.


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Hi! I'm Heather, a blogger here on When You're Ready.org Sexual assault is something extremely personal and important to me, and I’m trying to use my own experiences with it to help others deal with theirs. No one should feel alone in his or her experiences. While I can’t stop these things from happening, hopefully spreading knowledge will help people learn how to handle sexual assault. I want the world to be a place where people feel safe to talk about their experiences to ensure they can heal. Keep talking, Keep sharing. When You're Ready, I'll be here.



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