In 2015, I was a enrolled in (of all things) an online graduate program when I was sexually harassed by one of my male professors. As an online student, my photo was always visible to anyone and everyone with whom

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I remember feeling powerless & confused. I remember time feeling as if it was creeping by, even though it was a 10 minute ride. I remember freezing up, as I was confused about what he was doing. I remember wanting

Annabella’s Story :Childhood Trama

I was born on September 26 2001, my first 3 years of life were the good ones even tho I can’t remember. It started when I was three I had someone who worked I’m my day care that someone was


It was my uncle. I was 16 years old, a baby, so naïve I just got my license . I was giddy to drive my uncle to the auto shop to pick up his car, his windows were being tinted.

Scattered Kat’s Story: Now I Regain My Life

Most people are near death when they have an out of body experience. So maybe it was myself fading to darkness in those moments … because I was floating above, seeing my body on the bed, lifeless. Frozen in time

Kiara’s Story: Used and Confused

I was 17 years old, it was August 2016. It was the summer going into my senior year. It had been crazy summer but a great one none the less. I was staying with my best-friend (let’s call her G)

Anonymous Story: Probably Triggering, DEFINITELY Cathartic

Hi Everyone, Anyone or No one… I just have this inane feeling of wanting to express what I have lived in words for anyone to read or take advice or criticise. I don’t even know what I want other than

Amy’s Story: The PAST and the Present

I am a girl who loves to travel but there are some trips I wish I could forget.the year was 2016 I was 16 at the time. I was on my second trip to Colombia when it happened.i went to

Larissa’s Story: Me Too

I was four years old when I met ‘Mr. Helmethead’. I enjoyed playing with him, it was fun; he was a mini construction worker. He was my stepfather’s penis. He would make me jack his penis for him. My mother

Madelyn’s Story: This Wasn’t What I Asked For

I have carried the weight of my childhood traumas for twenty years too long. I have grown numb to the trauma from my adulthood and allowed it to make it’s home every nook and cranny that it could. There are

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I was drug raped at age 29 by a person I had dated in high school. For 40+ years I thought I had somehow passed out (on one drink?) It was only a couple of years ago that I realized

Anonymous Story: Our Little Secret

It started when I was four. It was my great-grandfather. We went to their house almost every holiday and birthday, and every time he preyed on me sexually. He asked me to sit on his lap. Said he was, “An

Cassie’s Story: I Am All of These Things Always

LINGERING What breaks me is the fact that I know. I know everything that happened. Every last detail. I replay every detail every day in every moment. Everything reminds me of what happened, everything reminds me of him. What kills

Marlys’ Story: He Was So Much Older

I had just finished dance practice. I was tired, I just wanted to go home, and then I got a text, a text from my boyfriend, 4 years older than my 14 year old self. He wanted me over he

J’s Story: 1 hour/ 3 days

One hour/3 days Before you decide to read my journey can I ask that you keep the title 1 hour/ 3 days in the back of your mind? I decided to write about my journey as a survivor of rape

Sophie’s Story: WHO I AM

This is a story of not only sexual abuse, but emotional and verbal abuse as well. He was my first boyfriend. I was a freshman, and a junior wanted to date me. I felt so lucky that an older guy

Anonymous Story: Black Hole

This is hard. Part of me is desperately trying to explain what happened to anyone who would listen, but another part of me, one that has been in control for much longer, refuses to relinquish control and trust any one

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I was 14 A complete stranger molested me he touched me with his filthy hands my innocent body which had never been touched by a man before. After that I developed bulimia and I was always anxious I was afraid