Asia’s Story: I Was Only 8….

My name is Asia and this is my story. I was 8 years old when it started. I had stayed with my grandmother and grandfather at the time and Her baby brother which is my great uncle Andy is what

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I’m currently a 27 year olds and it’s been about four months since my family found out that my brother had been sexually abusing me around the ages of 7-12. I’m struggling every single day to figure out what’s next

Jurity’s Story: He Was My Dad

I was about nine or ten, It all started after i got my first period. It began with him showing me porn and having me touch him. He said that he was showing me things that I needed to learn

Hannah’s Story: My Grandmother Refuses to Cut Ties With the Family Member Who Sexually Assaulted Me

When I was 13 years old, my 15 year old cousin molested me over the course of several days during summer break. Out of fear of not being taken seriously or splitting up my family, I decided not tell anyone

Anonymous Story: My Past

Hi, Ok this is tough actually still have nightmares to this day. Because of all the emotional sexual physical abuse from my ex husband who i married at 16.. I Was a child he would buy me and my friends

Molly’s Story: He Said He Had a Reputation to Uphold

A few years back I was excited to see one of my favorite bands live. After the show I was talking to some like minded folk about music and such as I don’t have much in common with people where

Blue’s Story

The first time it happened I was 5 and she was 10,before I started school. I was eager to learn new things,so when my sister said she would teach me something new I jumped at the idea and closed our

Anonymous Story: I Can’t Swim Again

When I was about 9 years old, I was always at my grandmas house. She lived with my aunt, uncle, and my 3 cousins. The latest of the 3 was named Austin. He was my favorite because we always hung

Anonymous Story: I Still Think About It Everyday

1.) I was drunk, he was not. I was a virgin and he was not. I said no and he said yes. 2.)The next morning I took two showers and cried. 3.) I made rules to stop thinking about it:

Bug’s Story: I Wanted to Ask Him How He Was

I shoved him off of my bed and was met with condescension. “Are you trying to show me that you’re strong?” I kept moving his hand away, and was met with a reply, The beginning of cognitive dissonance, “I won’t

Anonymous Story: He Doesn’t Love Me

My first sexual encounter was at the age of three. He penetrated me with his finger and pressed his cheek against mine. It happened multiple times but I didn’t say anything until it started to hurt. When I finally did

Anonymous Story: The Life I Live

How can I love someone so much that I allow them to hit me?? How can I even convince myself that they love me? Why do I believe the good times?? Why do I believe that it’s not going to

Bethany’s Story: He Loves Me, So It Can’t Be Rape

I really do apologize, because my story is going to come off as an interpersonal violence story. I don’t feel like my story belongs on either platform, but I am most comfortable sharing here. When I was 17 I started

Anonymous Story: For Once the White Male is Suppressed

I was five years old when it happened, and my cousin (which was 8 at the time) raped me. Nobody believes children can rape other children, especially when your a boy. I was told things like ” oh she was

Grace’s Story: Stranger at a Hotel

i’ve been recently reading the rape stories of many strong women and men and have been inspired to share mine. no one knows about this besides me, not my closest friends or even my parents. this happened in january last