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Nov 05

Hannah’s story: He Stole Every Bit Of Humanity That I Had

When I went to my boss about it he said “I don’t know what to believe because I’ve always known him to be walked over women. He’s a nice guy and I don’t see him doing that”.

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Oct 26

Rawley’s Story: I Never Had Many Male Friends

i never had many male friends

but you are flamboyant and easy to talk to you feel like a brother it’s always film talk and laughter we make dirty jokes and talk about the women we lust after.

and then there i am inebriated on your sticky leather couch you’re pulling me into your bedroom …

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Oct 11

Jess’s Story: Is He Right, Was It Just A Misunderstanding?

I’m epileptic & in certain situations where I get stressed I can have a seizure, this happened & before i knew it i was coming to on his sofa but felt him pulling my underwear down when he was laying behind me…

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Oct 06

Harris’ Life Story

However,Deepika also revealed her depression story,in 2013,after which I revealed my depression status to the society in 2012. Are there same people with same feelings? Is Deepika inspired my story or Am I inspired by her.

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May 19

Anonymous Story: “It Happens”

Even presuming that as a man there was somehow more guilt on me for not having said no than there would be for a woman. But that’s not true. No one should be able to take control of another person’s body.

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