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Nov 30

Sarah’s story: Do you really think you did nothing wrong?

You did all that to me, and probably more that I’ve blanked out, after I told you I was molested as a child. I can’t believe that was 5 years ago. You’re the only person I can honestly say i Hate. I hope you never find happiness.

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Nov 27

Anonymous Story: Boyfriends

I’ve been raped many times, so many times i cannot even count. I’ve had sex with 40 guys and they have been everything from sweet and charming to downright horrendous.

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Nov 24

Anonymous Story: Lifetime of inappropriate behavior

I think I was presented to our fellow passengers as an available
child-mistress. In other words, pimped out. However, said passengers were hip to this, and refused her.
Again, I was humiliated, I didn’t undestand at first, but figured it out and felt like a cheap ersatz Lolita.

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Nov 24

Anonymous Story: Predatory HIV Sexual Assault … It happened to me

Anytime I share this story I never fail to realize the extent of evil a single human can inflict upon society. At the same time, I reflect on the strength and integrity of a friend of mine.

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Nov 22

Anonymous Story: I didn’t consent to unprotected sex

I felt guilty identifying with people who had experienced more violent encounters, so I downplayed it in my head, and to others. I instantly became more withdrawn sexually. I stopped having sex for about a year, and when I started again I would often have panic attacks during sex. Then I would feel guilty for ruining the sexual experience for the other participant.

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