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Jan 20

Anonymous Story: My Brother

I am a man, this has haunted my thoughts my entire life. When I was young my older brother use to have sex with me by having me rub his penis or he use to have sex with me why I laid on my stomach but never with penetration. I fell so guilty and ashamed …

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Jan 20

Kelsey’s Story: Fifteen Months

Fifteen months have come and gone, But memories still burn Everyone has told their story, but I’ve yet to have my turn. On websites, strangers cry for help And others tell their story To be a victim is to have survived; Some sadistic glory. I couldn’t tell my doctor, Nor the shrink who knew my …

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Jan 20

Louise’s Story: He was jealous of my new friendship

If this becomes long, sorry!

So April/May 2016, thanks to a newspaper article I get back in touch with an old friend. He asks me if I’m happy in the relationship I am currently in with my partner, I admit to him I’m not and I want out. Two months after this my partner goes …

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Dec 15

Chywayita’s Story: The Year was 2004

12years later,i cry. I cry for 12 year old me,she deserved better,she did not deserve what happened to her. I marvel at how strong that 12year old girl was,how beautiful she was,how beautiful she still is & i hope that one day,she finds healing.

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Nov 13

Sara’s Story: There is no “Grey Area”

I know now that I am no longer alone. Yes, this is still very much an uphill battle, but I don’t want to hide anymore. I shouldn’t be ashamed of what happened to me because it wasn’t my fault. There is this idea about a grey area when it comes to consent and alcohol. There is no grey area, if someone is unconscious, or not in there right state of mind this is NOT consent. Unless someone gives you full consent to proceed, you don’t.

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