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Mar 05

Anonymous Story: As sailors always say, if you report being assaulted, you’re lying

I shouldn’t have let a guy buy me drinks. I shouldn’t have agreed to a hug. I shouldn’t have let that happen. Why did I laugh? Why didn’t I leave. Why didn’t I tell anyone? Why can’t I sleep? Why me? I wasn’t alone and I stayed with my friends. Everyone just acted like this was okay.

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Feb 15

Anonymous Story: A Memory I Want to Erase

I will point out I am a boy age 17. This happened about 6 months ago when I was 16 by my 13 year old sister. I was always the more timid one and she was more aggressive. She calls me names a lot and gets very physical but I’d get scared to attack back …

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Feb 07

Anonymous Story: Raped in my Sleep by my High School Sweetheart

He went back to sleep when he was done. We never talked about it-we continued dating for another year. I didn’t know it was rape until recently. It was just an awful image that stuck inside my head- something I tried to ignore.

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Jan 20

M’s Story: 16 Times

I am sitting here, and a perpetrator is being inaugurated into the presidency, in the United States. I can not function today. I needed to tell my story somewhere because starting last night I kept waking up with these numbers repeating over and over again, my own thoughts and my own story jolting me throughout the night. And today, a day where I can not move. I am frozen.

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Jan 20

Jacque’s Story: One Night Destroyed our Marriage

We went out with friends, and we both had been drinking. I was really tired and went straight to bed when we got home about 3 am. She was not having it. She pulled off my jeans and I was too tired and drunk to stop her. I said no and I asked her to …

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