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Nov 29

Anonymous Story: We will be shamed

hate boys mens all together. I stay as far as aways as i can from people. But through all of that I’m still standing here and telling my story. I’m just gonna try to move on with life.
Thank you for reading my story.

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Nov 17

Anonymous Story: He Was Supposed To Be My Father Figure

She wouldn’t let him near me. But, my brothers still had to see him every week. He taught them to call me “princess” (his pet name for me) and “whore”. They were 10 and 7.

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Oct 21

Anonymous Story: My rape story first time being publicly said clearly

I have to be nice to my brother. He raped me. I live with him. I see him everyday. Nothing has changed, I still sleep in the same room and our privacy tree is now gone cut by the neighbors.

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Oct 20

Anonymous Story: Me Too…

I spoke up at 4….my mother didn’t believe me.
I spoke up at 13….my mother told me it was my fault for being friendly and open
I spoke up at 16….my mother told me that all women go through this and that is our lot in life

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Oct 18

Anonymous Story: “Me, too”

It was until two hours passed we out of the room and ran to my grandmother. We tried telling her what he did to us but she kept saying not my [S] not my [S] he would never do that. So when my mother arrived I decided that I was going to tell her but keep out the details but that he was just touching us I don’t truly remember her reaction that day.

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