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Dec 24

Anonymous Story: I’m 17: I was sexually forced yesterday and am scared because it can happen again.

He then told me that most of my facial features were that of a girl and men here would love that. I punched him but then he punched me back in my stomach so hard that I’ve got this purple bruise which hurts even when i twitch a muscle. I blacked out at that point and he juat took of my shorts and then assaulted me for what seemed like hours.

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Dec 18

Anonymous Story: Because the Bible says so

Basically, since I lost my virginity, despite being raped, and was unable to wed my first rapist (he was my father after all),so I deserved death. Since I was unable to scream when it was happening, it didn’t count as rape, so I was a whore who deserved death.

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Dec 12

Anne’s story: Still carrying this 47 years later

My biggest fear for over 40 years was that I would not be heard or believed, that I would be somehow guilty by association. I knew it could destroy families if people knew what had happened and so I continued to disregard my own needs.

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Dec 12

Sydnee’s Story: They didn’t care about me at all

Thats when he pulled out the gun. He put it up against my head and told me that if i didnt stop fighting him then he would pull the trigger. And I believed him so i stopped.. I stopped fighting and at that moment my life had changed forever. I felt empty.. numb.. after he was finished with me her threw me back into my room on the bed. I laid there naked and exposed. I was 9.. nine years old. Couldn’t cry.. couldn’t be mad. I didnt know what to feel. I couldnt feel.

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Dec 09

Anonymous Story: Being raped by my sister.

To this day, I resent being born into my family. I still see my sister from time to time, and looking at her still scares me. It hurts knowing I don’t love my family. I look at my mother and hate her. It hurts knowing she could have helped me, and chose not to.

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