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Oct 21

Anonymous Story: My rape story first time being publicly said clearly

I have to be nice to my brother. He raped me. I live with him. I see him everyday. Nothing has changed, I still sleep in the same room and our privacy tree is now gone cut by the neighbors.

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Oct 20

Anonymous Story: Me Too…

I spoke up at 4….my mother didn’t believe me.
I spoke up at 13….my mother told me it was my fault for being friendly and open
I spoke up at 16….my mother told me that all women go through this and that is our lot in life

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Oct 18

Anonymous Story: “Me, too”

It was until two hours passed we out of the room and ran to my grandmother. We tried telling her what he did to us but she kept saying not my [S] not my [S] he would never do that. So when my mother arrived I decided that I was going to tell her but keep out the details but that he was just touching us I don’t truly remember her reaction that day.

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Oct 15

Anonymous Story: How my life long addiction began.

I got noticed but by the wrong eyes not my parents but by family the ones that had those hunters eyes greedy stealing perverted eyes monster eyes.

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Oct 12

Anonymous Story: Incomplete Thoughts

For the past year I had began to have very complex nightmares. Not the kind where you’re riding a rollercoaster and you fall out or some shit like that. Like surreal ideas that someone I thought would protect me and never harm me did just that.

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