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Sep 17

Mary’s Story: But He’s a Hero!

I drank too much at a bar, and asked someone I knew to take me home since I was too wasted to drive. When we got there, I was feeling affectionate and invited him in. I just wanted to make out like we had a few times before, but he started taking off my clothes. …

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Aug 20

Anonymous Story: Will I Ever Feel Again???

I was a person and a girl and a wife……now I feel like nothing Life seems to have targeted me just as the 2 men that raped me I have been trying to find out what makes some girls targets and how these creeps figure it out I have spent 22 years trying to figure …

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Mar 05

Anonymous Story: As sailors always say, if you report being assaulted, you’re lying

I shouldn’t have let a guy buy me drinks. I shouldn’t have agreed to a hug. I shouldn’t have let that happen. Why did I laugh? Why didn’t I leave. Why didn’t I tell anyone? Why can’t I sleep? Why me? I wasn’t alone and I stayed with my friends. Everyone just acted like this was okay.

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Jan 18

A source of strength’s Story: When Does the Healing Begin?

I got a text from him saying he was outside my apartment and wanted to say goodbye. I let him into my apartment. I lived in a small studio apartment so we were sitting on my bed chatting. Then he kissed me and pushed me down. He got on top of me and held my hands above my head. He pinned me down and with his other hand took off my underwear. I was begging him to stop and was yelling no but my cries went unheard. I was finally able to kick and push him off of me.

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