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Nov 13

Anonymous Story: Shipmates.

I went to the bathroom and threw up from nervousness. I cried and hyperventilated until I threw up again. I washed my face and put on my clothes. They reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. I check my phone and of course, it’s dead. I leave the hotel, get on the next bus home, and cry some more to myself.

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Oct 30

Lola’s Story: A Mean Cycle

I just lied on the stairs, shaking and silent. James hugged me tightly and the other two went to tell the chief. A few weeks later, nothing wound up happening and he left on a plane to his next duty station.

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Oct 27

Anonymous Story: As if I committed a crime

I love my husband but I can finally admit that I agreed to get married so I could change my last name and have a baby so I could be discharged from the military so he couldn’t find me.

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Sep 17

Mary’s Story: But He’s a Hero!

I drank too much at a bar, and asked someone I knew to take me home since I was too wasted to drive. When we got there, I was feeling affectionate and invited him in. I just wanted to make out like we had a few times before, but he started taking off my clothes. …

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Aug 20

Anonymous Story: Will I Ever Feel Again???

I was a person and a girl and a wife……now I feel like nothing Life seems to have targeted me just as the 2 men that raped me I have been trying to find out what makes some girls targets and how these creeps figure it out I have spent 22 years trying to figure …

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