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Sep 17

Lily’s Story: I Still Haven’t Told Anyone

I was 21 at the time and on holiday this was about 7 years ago now, I’ve never told anyone about it. For some reason it’s been really affecting me in the last month. Me and my friend’s had been out to a club that night and were heading to get a burger. I admit …

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Aug 31

Anonymous Story: New School, New Life Ruined

Wednesday 24th of may 2016 I was called back at lunch to do some work and the teacher wasn’t there there was this guy in my year I never really spoke to him I kept saying I don’t know what I had to do he came up behind me and he had a boner he …

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Aug 09

Alexis’ Story: He Knew What He Was Doing

Today was a normal day where my boyfriend usually comes over i sit in his lap on the porch we cuddle and kiss and talk…but today was different (i was 12 he was 15 my mom allowed a 3 year gap) he knocked on the door and of course i answer it and came out …

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Jul 27

Abbie’s story: this is my story.

For years this went on. I blamed myself “I must of done something to show him I was interested” “maybe I should of stayed st home that night none of this would of happened” ofcourse I got worse and worse as the years went on.

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Jul 10

Anonymous Story: Candy

I got this feeling in my shoulder and I knew I needed to leave so I said no and told him I needed to get home now , he was like who you with and I made up a lie and told him him I was with my auntie.

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