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Jan 15

Anonymous Story: I will never forget the pain

He started backing me up against the wall.I new what he was doing.He was not just playing a game.He started tugging at my shirt.I kept shouting no and kept pushing him away.Then he threw me the ground and started undressing me.I kept telling him no and kept smacking him.

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Jan 14

Anonymous Story: Confessions of a rape victim

My whole act flew out of the window and I was struggling to cope, until I decided to start a blog, sharing my story and all its details with the world. This way I’ve been able to speak out about myself, without those judging eyes, without the questions. And it’s made me feel better. Finally I’m starting to feel like I can be a person again.

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Jan 05

Eve’s Story: a ruined childhood

These three experiences are probably nothing compared to what someone else has been through, but for me they mean a lot. They’ve made me who I am, and I hate it. I’ve hates wearing dresses since that day, I refuse to. I had my first kiss stolen from me. All these experiences have each left their mark on me. I hate being in large crowds, I get panic attacks. Every attack on a human, Big or small, it leaves its mark.

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Jan 04

Anonymous Story: Finally opening up about my past sexual abuse

A few days later he told me he will leave pics around the neighberhood for other kids to see. I begged him not to and was scared at the thought of others seeing me doing that. I said I’ll do anything to not show those pics, he replied hmmm let me think! He said if I did the same thing everyday before work for him he could refrain from showing them.

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Jan 03

Mya’s Story: My 8th grade year (4 years ago)

He says “I’ll give it back it you kiss me”. I said “Eww no just give it back”. He says “If you kiss me”. After that I go and try to grab the bracelet, but he is holding it up where I can’t reach it.

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