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Jan 20

Louise’s Story: He was jealous of my new friendship

If this becomes long, sorry!

So April/May 2016, thanks to a newspaper article I get back in touch with an old friend. He asks me if I’m happy in the relationship I am currently in with my partner, I admit to him I’m not and I want out. Two months after this my partner goes …

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Dec 29

Catherine’s Story: I was only 7

I am 14 now, and i have severve PTSD, i can hardly sleep at night and im disgusted with myself. I’m constantly terrified he’ll come back, he knows where I live, and hes a family member. My mother trusts him more than my older brother and would make me go places with him if he came back

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Dec 29

Anonymous Story: She’s Sleeping Soundly

If I’m entirely honest, it started on a field trip. We were friends, I suppose. I’ll refer to her as “friend” for convenience sake. I only ever had one friend before that, I was a bit of a loner, but I loathed, and still loathe, being alone. So I went everywhere with this friend and then she started telling me things like: “You’d be so sexy if you were a guy” and “If you take off those glasses you’d look stunning”.

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Dec 15

Mery’s Story: I had lost everything that night

That night my father taught me how you can die.. He took away everything I had.. I was 7 and since then he never stopped. Now I’m 20.. My mom left me when I was little, I don’t even remember her…

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Dec 15

Chywayita’s Story: The Year was 2004

12years later,i cry. I cry for 12 year old me,she deserved better,she did not deserve what happened to her. I marvel at how strong that 12year old girl was,how beautiful she was,how beautiful she still is & i hope that one day,she finds healing.

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