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Oct 29

Anonymous Story: We were together almost 5 years.

There were so many times I’d cry out, with tears streaming down my face and he wouldn’t stop. He never stopped. He went harder and faster so he could finish.

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Oct 27

Melissa’s Story: ‘I didn’t’ changed to ‘I was too drunk to know what I was doing’

I just sat in my friend’s room naked crying until he came back. He came in and asked where my clothes were and I explained I didn’t know what happened but that someone was in the room with me and left as soon as I figured out what was going on.

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Oct 26

Anonymous Story: Not Even One Adult In My Life Knows About This

As you can read by the title, not even my parents know this. No adults in my life know this. I’m a 17 years old, and this happens when I was around 3-4. I just moved to another kindergarten. I was maybe there for a month before something happens. The most horrible thing. A boy, …

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Oct 25

Gem’s Story: The Year Of 2009

Growing up was hard. I used to attend a catholic pre-school from the age of three to around five years old. Every Friday a priest who we had to call ‘father’ would come every Friday for prayers and he would take me into his office and would put his hand up my skirt. That was …

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Oct 24

Anonymous Story: Zion. Year 11.

I keep seeing him around college and around town and every time I see him I get tight in my chest and want to throw up, even though I’m not sure if it was even rape or assault or if it was just two teens under a bridge.

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