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Nov 20

Princy Prince’s Story: i was raped (three times) in doha qatar

The doctor came and checked me she did not find any bruises so they thought i was lying … In that depression, in that fear, in that lost hope i cried and said i wanted to die was my biggest mistake….. They admitted me in a psychiatric ward… None of the doctors believed me, none of the police believe me, not even my family did.

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Nov 17

A D’s Story: It’s still crushing

My experience in the police station was another soul wrecking experience. The officer I was explaining to was clearly holding back his laughter. When I finished he broke out into laughter and told me “Kid, men can’t be raped by women. Go home and quit wasting my time.”

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Nov 17

Anonymous Story: He Was Supposed To Be My Father Figure

She wouldn’t let him near me. But, my brothers still had to see him every week. He taught them to call me “princess” (his pet name for me) and “whore”. They were 10 and 7.

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Nov 10

Paige’s Story: Change needs to happen.

After the attack I started to walk off, he said to me what’s wrong? I replied saying I said no, his come back to this was “sometimes no means yes when it comes to women”.

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Oct 21

Anonymous Story: My rape story first time being publicly said clearly

I have to be nice to my brother. He raped me. I live with him. I see him everyday. Nothing has changed, I still sleep in the same room and our privacy tree is now gone cut by the neighbors.

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