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Jan 04

Anonymous Story: Finally opening up about my past sexual abuse

A few days later he told me he will leave pics around the neighberhood for other kids to see. I begged him not to and was scared at the thought of others seeing me doing that. I said I’ll do anything to not show those pics, he replied hmmm let me think! He said if I did the same thing everyday before work for him he could refrain from showing them.

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Dec 24

Anonymous Story: no remorse

I don’t know how to explain very well but I just feel like I wasn’t me. I don’t have any clear memories from that time. I ran away a week after that. I ran with a boy I went to a alternative school with almost 2 hours away. His mom & stepdad smoked k2 with us.

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Dec 23

Trans Boy’s Story: I Kept Going Back

At school he would grab my butt, he would say things into my ear to get to me, one time he slammed me into the bathroom wall and punched me in the face. I went back a couple months later. We were fine until he forced himself on me again this happened 3 more times before I told the police.

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Dec 17

JS’s Story: Foster care

Next thing I know my social worker showed up at my school and took me to the foster home and told me to pack all my stuff because I was being placed somewhere different I asked her why and she said somebody had told her I had gotten raped.

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Nov 24

Anonymous Story: Predatory HIV Sexual Assault … It happened to me

Anytime I share this story I never fail to realize the extent of evil a single human can inflict upon society. At the same time, I reflect on the strength and integrity of a friend of mine.

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