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Nov 14

Anonymous Story: I Was Raped Multiple Times

I felt I had no choice but to let him, because I felt if I said no, I wouldn’t have been living. He always threatened that he’d tell others if I didn’t obey.

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Nov 13

Carly’s Story: His Only Daughter That He Chose To Hurt

My adoptive mother didn’t want anything to do with me after me getting raped. She would call me horrible horrible names that no mother should call her child. Slut, whore, bitch, etc. My adoptive mother knew how much I hated my adoptive father, so as punishment for losing my virginity before marriage she made my adoptive dad take me on hunting and fishing trips.

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Nov 13

Anonymous Story: the night of the birthday

I felt really bad about it and I blamed myself for it, I mean I did nothing about it.. ever since I don’t trust guys anymore. I don’t feel comfortable with my body anymore and I have serious trust issues.

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Nov 12

Anonymous Story: It happens to men too

I remember the man supporting my weight as we walked down the street and him asking me my age, I clearly remember telling him I was 16. This is important because the legal age of homosexual sex wasn’t lowered to 16 until 2001, and this was 1997 so even if I had consented to what was about to happen (which i didn’t) by the laws of the time it was rape.

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Nov 11

Leah’s Story: I was only 13

I immediately cringed away. I said no. I told him that we were too young for this and I didn’t feel right with it. He once again told me to stop making a fuss. I told him that I wanted to wait and he told me that i was overreacting.

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