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Sep 17

Mary’s Story: But He’s a Hero!

I drank too much at a bar, and asked someone I knew to take me home since I was too wasted to drive. When we got there, I was feeling affectionate and invited him in. I just wanted to make out like we had a few times before, but he started taking off my clothes. …

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Sep 13

Anonymous Story :6 Years Old and Molested

* Names were changed for the purpose of this story.

In this story, my abuser’s name will be Tommy, his best friend’s name will be Sam, and my best friends name will be Sarah. In first grade, when I was 6 years old, I was sexually molested my a new classmate. Tommy came to the …

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Sep 12

Anonymous Story

I have a problem saying the word no. I never wanted to hurt or make someone upset. So at 23 I found myself dating an ex from high school that I really didn’t know. It was only the third day we had seen each other since we started dating and his hands found their way …

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Aug 31

Anonymous Story: New School, New Life Ruined

Wednesday 24th of may 2016 I was called back at lunch to do some work and the teacher wasn’t there there was this guy in my year I never really spoke to him I kept saying I don’t know what I had to do he came up behind me and he had a boner he …

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Aug 27

April’s Story

I was 6 years old. I was innocent and a child. That night seemed like every other night. I kissed my parents good night and my mom tucked me in. My brother and cousins were camping out. I laid in my bed trying to fall asleep. I was asleep until I heard someone coming up …

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