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Jul 05

Anonymous Story: A letter to my rapist

You have made me feel like nobody likes me. Like I am worthless, like everyone who knows what happened suddenly wants nothing to do with me. While this may not be true, you have turned me into someone who cant appreciate kindness. If someone is nice, I feel like its out of pitty, and when someone isn’t, I feel like they are judging me for what happened.

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Mar 31

Anonymous Story: I’ll never get justice

I began self harming at the age of 15 and lost a lot of weight. He began to see me less and eventually it just never happened again. I never told a single person until a couple of years ago and a friend persuaded me to go to the police.

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Mar 30

Anonymous Story: The Christmas Party

I took to googling things such as ‘is it rape if she’s drunk?’ in order to make myself feel less alone, less like a fraud. I thought I was a fraud. Surely I was asking for it? I mean, I’d let him kiss me. I’d let him take me down to the car park.

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Feb 15

Jill E Waz’s Story: Didn’t want him to think I owed him anything

Wore plain jeans, bulky sweater, hiking boots, drove myself, payed for my own meal because I didn’t want him to feel like I owed him anything.

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