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Nov 27

Anonymous Story: Boyfriends

I’ve been raped many times, so many times i cannot even count. I’ve had sex with 40 guys and they have been everything from sweet and charming to downright horrendous.

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Nov 24

Anonymous Story: Predatory HIV Sexual Assault … It happened to me

Anytime I share this story I never fail to realize the extent of evil a single human can inflict upon society. At the same time, I reflect on the strength and integrity of a friend of mine.

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Oct 24

Monica’s Story: 8th grade hotel hell

After a long silence, I decided he was asleep until I heard him say “You’re like a woman my age trapped in a little girl’s body”. I didn’t know if that was a weird compliment or how to respond. Before I could say anything more, he was on top of me.

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Oct 03

Anonymous Story: Journey: Broken to Bold

Knowing the details of that moment won’t do anything for you anyway, and I’ve unburdened myself in the necessary and applicable safe spaces. It’s been far too hard as it is walking around smiling when I’m crying inside.

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Jul 05

Anonymous Story: A letter to my rapist

You have made me feel like nobody likes me. Like I am worthless, like everyone who knows what happened suddenly wants nothing to do with me. While this may not be true, you have turned me into someone who cant appreciate kindness. If someone is nice, I feel like its out of pitty, and when someone isn’t, I feel like they are judging me for what happened.

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