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Oct 24

Anonymous Story: My Death

Have you ever walked into a room and had every single person stare at you? Have you ever had to walk past them with your eyes glued to the floor because the stares were so intense? Have you ever had to ignore the sound of a thousand whispers? Have you ever just wanted to make …

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Oct 16

Anonymous Story: I fell asleep

I had so much to drink that night I didn’t feel him touching me or attempting to undress me. I went outside where they had him and hit him repeatedly until they pulled me away.

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Oct 16

Anonymous Story: A lifetime of triggers

I hate that I hold a deep fear of men that gnaws at the back of my mind whenever I walk alone. A lifetime of hate and fear because of one person decided to that he had the right to use my body without my consent.

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Oct 16

C’s Story: I did everything wrong

I didn’t really know that it “counted” as rape. He cuddled up to me after raping me, and that hurts so much when I remember that. How dare he? It hurt me for so long. It is hard to tell people, especially when they tell me to move on, or be stronger.

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Oct 12

Anonymous Story: Incomplete Thoughts

For the past year I had began to have very complex nightmares. Not the kind where you’re riding a rollercoaster and you fall out or some shit like that. Like surreal ideas that someone I thought would protect me and never harm me did just that.

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