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Dec 24

Anonymous Story: no remorse

I don’t know how to explain very well but I just feel like I wasn’t me. I don’t have any clear memories from that time. I ran away a week after that. I ran with a boy I went to a alternative school with almost 2 hours away. His mom & stepdad smoked k2 with us.

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Dec 01

Anonymous Story: Abusive Athlete

slipped and fell to the ground. He raped me. The next morning I asked and he teased me. He tormented for years with name calling and abusive behavior.

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Nov 13

Anonymous Story: Shipmates.

I went to the bathroom and threw up from nervousness. I cried and hyperventilated until I threw up again. I washed my face and put on my clothes. They reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. I check my phone and of course, it’s dead. I leave the hotel, get on the next bus home, and cry some more to myself.

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Oct 26

Rawley’s Story: I Never Had Many Male Friends

i never had many male friends

but you are flamboyant and easy to talk to you feel like a brother it’s always film talk and laughter we make dirty jokes and talk about the women we lust after.

and then there i am inebriated on your sticky leather couch you’re pulling me into your bedroom …

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Oct 25

Anonymous Story: Lifetime shame

I had a fear of my mom catching us because Z emphasized not to tell anyone or else we’d get in a lot of trouble.

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