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Sep 24

Anonymous Story: I Could’ve Saved My Little Sister and Myself So Much Pain…

I was at a birthday party for my neighbors friend.. my mom, me ,my 3 other sisters, my brother, and my moms boyfriend. At about 9 my mother took the 2 little ones and my second oldest sister home. Her boyfriend went with her and he was completely intoxicated. She left me and my sister …

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Sep 17

Mary’s Story: But He’s a Hero!

I drank too much at a bar, and asked someone I knew to take me home since I was too wasted to drive. When we got there, I was feeling affectionate and invited him in. I just wanted to make out like we had a few times before, but he started taking off my clothes. …

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Sep 17

Paige’s Story: The Second Time

It’s a little ironic, I’m angry and upset that my boyfriend is trying to pressure me to have sex so I go to my happy place. I’m not ready to go home and everyone is out anyway. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, its secluded enough that people rarely bother you but …

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Sep 13

Anonymous Story :6 Years Old and Molested

* Names were changed for the purpose of this story.

In this story, my abuser’s name will be Tommy, his best friend’s name will be Sam, and my best friends name will be Sarah. In first grade, when I was 6 years old, I was sexually molested my a new classmate. Tommy came to the …

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Aug 12

Anonymous Story

I was with a friend, who had a fiance and child. We had hung out many times and he would what I considered “joking around” had asked me questions like “would you have sex with me?” “Wanna make out?” I brushed it off and would say he’s gross and it’s innaporpriate, that it was insulting, …

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