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Dec 01

Anonymous Story: Abusive Athlete

slipped and fell to the ground. He raped me. The next morning I asked and he teased me. He tormented for years with name calling and abusive behavior.

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Nov 27

Anonymous Story: Boyfriends

I’ve been raped many times, so many times i cannot even count. I’ve had sex with 40 guys and they have been everything from sweet and charming to downright horrendous.

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Nov 14

Julia’s Story: Psychologist advice

My name is Julia, I was raped at the age of 14. I found out I was pregnant on the day I lost the baby at 14.
I studied Psychology, went to therapy and nothing seemed to help. Until I realized that this one is on me. So I fought and today, I am happier than I’ve ever been.

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Aug 16

Anonymous Story

The summer I turned 16 I went away with a friend for a couple weeks. We had gone to the beach for the day and were having a good time. Sometime mid afternoon a couple of guys approached us, friend Todd and Tanner. My friend wanted to walk with them down the beach so we …

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Jun 26

Emily’s Story: My Experience Of Motherhood As A Rape Survivor

I’m not really sure how to start this because it is something I have wanted to write about and share for a while. It is also something that scares me shitless.

I think I’m going to have to start with hello and see where it takes me. Hello, my name is Emily and I am …

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