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Sep 17

Paige’s Story: The Second Time

It’s a little ironic, I’m angry and upset that my boyfriend is trying to pressure me to have sex so I go to my happy place. I’m not ready to go home and everyone is out anyway. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, its secluded enough that people rarely bother you but …

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Aug 31

Anonymous Story: New School, New Life Ruined

Wednesday 24th of may 2016 I was called back at lunch to do some work and the teacher wasn’t there there was this guy in my year I never really spoke to him I kept saying I don’t know what I had to do he came up behind me and he had a boner he …

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Aug 17

Anonymous Story: He Lied

A couple of months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. I always had a feeling that something wasn’t right as our relationship continued, and now that I know for sure what happened to me was rape, I feel so much better that I ended it before things could continue.

He wanted …

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Aug 16

Anonymous Story

The summer I turned 16 I went away with a friend for a couple weeks. We had gone to the beach for the day and were having a good time. Sometime mid afternoon a couple of guys approached us, friend Todd and Tanner. My friend wanted to walk with them down the beach so we …

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Jul 27

Abbie’s story: this is my story.

For years this went on. I blamed myself “I must of done something to show him I was interested” “maybe I should of stayed st home that night none of this would of happened” ofcourse I got worse and worse as the years went on.

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