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Jan 20

Fay’s Story: Was I Raped?

I was in the end of an abusive relationship and I’m not sure if I can consider this rape so I’m curious. I feel like I need to know.

I don’t even remember what started this particular fight but we were in my bedroom and he climbed on my back and had me pinned down …

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Jan 20

Kelsey’s Story: Fifteen Months

Fifteen months have come and gone, But memories still burn Everyone has told their story, but I’ve yet to have my turn. On websites, strangers cry for help And others tell their story To be a victim is to have survived; Some sadistic glory. I couldn’t tell my doctor, Nor the shrink who knew my …

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Jan 20

DRJ’s Story: Date Raped by a Police Officer

I was sodomized by a police officer from Botetourt County Sheriff’s Officer in Virginia. Cowards serve and protect each other, he was never charged, or punished in any way; instead they punish the real victim pressing charges for speaking out and doing something since no one wants to do anything. He gets away and walks …

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Jan 20

Sana’s Story: I really want to forget about it

I got raped when I was 10 but I won’t he talking about it today. Instead I will tell you a different one. When I was seventeen, I met this guy online, he seemed really nice. We couldn’t meet cause we lived in different towns. I graduated and went to college. The same town he …

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Dec 15

Alana’s Story: Raped by Stepdad

Its just really hard and I can’t belive I’m actually writing about it. Every time after it happened I would feel ashamed I hated myself for what I was forced to so and could never look at myself the same way. I lost all my innocence.

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