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Apr 25

Samantha McCoy’s Story: He was a police officer

I went through the worst experience of my life and it took many, many things from me. It took my happiness for over a year, I lost my salaried job, I lost my apartment, I wasn’t able to attend classes regularly, I didn’t want to leave bed… everything reminded me of what happened and I feared running into him or his friends.

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Mar 05

རྒྱ་མཚོ’s Story: As a Himalayan Child

I was barely 12 At the moment and to every girls horror I was sexually abused, molestaed and raped by a foreigner (Trekker) near my home. That painful touch his horondous smile and his forceful ways is still crystal clear. I was raped by being lured for a packet of chocolates and notebooks.

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Feb 07

Wife’s Story: My Husband, My Rapist

It happen with my kids in the next room; he grabbed me and pulled me by my arms .My head hitting the floor I was dragged into the closet.He then pulled his pants down put his penis in my mouth forcing me to perform oral sex on him.After that he put one hand over …

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Feb 07

Saasha’s Story: Journey to Darkness

Every time I was running/or pushing him away, we were facing his anger. It was everyday story. I remember sitting in the corner of my cousin’s room, scared, closed eyes, covering my ears while he was screaming my name outside. To calm him down, my grandparents and his wife makes me sit next to him in living room. Where he was touching my thighs, trying to kiss me, rotating my face to look at him. I can’t forget his scary face and laugh. No one was stopping him, he was coming to my room every other night.

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Jan 20

M’s Story: 16 Times

I am sitting here, and a perpetrator is being inaugurated into the presidency, in the United States. I can not function today. I needed to tell my story somewhere because starting last night I kept waking up with these numbers repeating over and over again, my own thoughts and my own story jolting me throughout the night. And today, a day where I can not move. I am frozen.

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