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Jan 27

A 17 year old high school student’s story: September 1997

September 1997

“Man, she’s through!” “I can’t get my d*ck in her for sh*t!” “We doing this jungle style!” “I don’t need my d*ck sucked tonight.” “Hold her leg!”

Dialogue of the rapists – I was extremely intoxicated with some unknown drug, possibly PCP.

My age now = 35 My age then = 17

# …

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Feb 02

Anonymous Story: Scared Little Girl in the Basement

Turning off the lights and putting on the movie Speed, she retreated to the living room where she completely forgot about us. How the event came about is a mystery to me, but the four boys eventually ran out of things to occupy them and decided to experiment with me. Some older and some younger than me, they pinned me down, removed their and my underwear and simulated a gang rape.

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