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Jan 20

M’s Story: 16 Times

I am sitting here, and a perpetrator is being inaugurated into the presidency, in the United States. I can not function today. I needed to tell my story somewhere because starting last night I kept waking up with these numbers repeating over and over again, my own thoughts and my own story jolting me throughout the night. And today, a day where I can not move. I am frozen.

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Jan 20

Anonymous Story: They took a piece of me that I will never get back

I was only 15 at the time and I’ve still been unable to tell anyone this. I was invited to a “party” with my then boyfriend and his friends. When we got to his friends house, no one was there yet but they suggested we start drinking to get ready before everyone else came. It …

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Oct 23

Celia’s Story: I am not a Soldier

I have a disease that belongs to those of war, to those who’ve seen the blood spilled over a hill that everyone wants. A strategically placed mound of dirt, now covered in blood, a hill that will turn the course of a war in someone’s eyes. An important someone who isn’t there to feel the …

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Oct 16

Michelle is no longer the victim: Stopping the Cycle

Assault 1. My cousin took me to “see the bunnies” when I was 4. He showed me his penis and instructed me to touch and lick it. I cried no, and have no memory after. The family kept it a secret and forced me to visit him until I was a teenager.

2. After …

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Sep 18

Anonymous Story: 14 Years of Youth

At the age of 14 my friends were all older by atleast a year and all sexually active which meant I felt like there was something wrong with me. I went with two of them to a party with a boy that was 21 at the time and had a good body. I decided to …

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