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Jan 18

Dawn’s Story: Knowing No Childhood

Life went on as normal, everyone pretended that everything was fine and that nothing had happened. No one but a few close friends that I had finally confided in knew what had happened. But that kind of secret, festers and boils below the surface until one day the cracks start to appear.

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Dec 29

Lisa M.’s Story: I was just a little girl, all alone and scared.

I was 12 years old when I became “the victim” of the unspeakable and life has never been the same for me and it never will. I can’t tell you honestly how many times I was sexually assaulted as a child because I’ve hidden from the memories for so long by the age of 14 I could no longer cope so I turned to drugs,alcohol and anything else I could find to make me feel better if even for a moment. Maybe that’s why I can remember only bits and pieces of those years.

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Dec 10

WYR Project: Day 1

I pictured my sister crying, wondering why I never told her. She did cry. But she also told me this: “There is such great power in doing this, Lauren. I’ve heard it said that shame loses its power when we are fully known and truly delighted in. I delight in you completely.”

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