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Feb 07

Saasha’s Story: Journey to Darkness

Every time I was running/or pushing him away, we were facing his anger. It was everyday story. I remember sitting in the corner of my cousin’s room, scared, closed eyes, covering my ears while he was screaming my name outside. To calm him down, my grandparents and his wife makes me sit next to him in living room. Where he was touching my thighs, trying to kiss me, rotating my face to look at him. I can’t forget his scary face and laugh. No one was stopping him, he was coming to my room every other night.

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Jan 20

Jacque’s Story: One Night Destroyed our Marriage

We went out with friends, and we both had been drinking. I was really tired and went straight to bed when we got home about 3 am. She was not having it. She pulled off my jeans and I was too tired and drunk to stop her. I said no and I asked her to …

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Jan 20

Anonymous Story: My Brother

I am a man, this has haunted my thoughts my entire life. When I was young my older brother use to have sex with me by having me rub his penis or he use to have sex with me why I laid on my stomach but never with penetration. I fell so guilty and ashamed …

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Jan 20

Kelsey’s Story: Fifteen Months

Fifteen months have come and gone, But memories still burn Everyone has told their story, but I’ve yet to have my turn. On websites, strangers cry for help And others tell their story To be a victim is to have survived; Some sadistic glory. I couldn’t tell my doctor, Nor the shrink who knew my …

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Nov 04

Anonymous Story: I Thought it was Over…

I have been manipulated, lied too and I was lonely. I was expressing my feelings all over social media, hoping they would realise what they have done. Instead he made himself the victum in the situation…and this was only the begining.

Someone new decided to inbox me to see if I was okay, he was …

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