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Nov 19

Anonymous Story: Memories

I have had a memory recently that i had never had before, so I’m not sure how real or accurate it is. I can see someone on top on me, with them holding my mouth shut & they are having intercourse with me. The person doing this is just a blur, I can’t see any details about them, but i can tell where I am & it seems too real to me to be fabricated by my own mind. I am just struggling with the fact of is this true & accurate & has my mind just buried it deep down, or am I crazy & imagining it.

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Nov 14

Anonymous Story: I Was Raped Multiple Times

I felt I had no choice but to let him, because I felt if I said no, I wouldn’t have been living. He always threatened that he’d tell others if I didn’t obey.

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Nov 02

Anonymous Story: He didn’t even take the tampon out

But at this point it wasn’t really even my body anymore. It was his. He had control of it, and that’s all it I was to him. A body. A limp lifeless body. It felt as if he had taken my humanity away from me, as if I wasn’t even a person anymore, as if I was just a thing.

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Oct 27

Melissa’s Story: ‘I didn’t’ changed to ‘I was too drunk to know what I was doing’

I just sat in my friend’s room naked crying until he came back. He came in and asked where my clothes were and I explained I didn’t know what happened but that someone was in the room with me and left as soon as I figured out what was going on.

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Oct 26

Rawley’s Story: I Never Had Many Male Friends

i never had many male friends

but you are flamboyant and easy to talk to you feel like a brother it’s always film talk and laughter we make dirty jokes and talk about the women we lust after.

and then there i am inebriated on your sticky leather couch you’re pulling me into your bedroom …

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