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Jul 05

Anonymous Story: A letter to my rapist

You have made me feel like nobody likes me. Like I am worthless, like everyone who knows what happened suddenly wants nothing to do with me. While this may not be true, you have turned me into someone who cant appreciate kindness. If someone is nice, I feel like its out of pitty, and when someone isn’t, I feel like they are judging me for what happened.

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Jul 04

Rose’s Story: My Entire Sexual Experience

I went to sleep without crying. The next night, I couldn’t keep it hidden anymore. I told my parents. They believed me, until they started getting the story from me. My aunt and uncle got involved. Soon, I had four very angry adults staring down at me, believing I’d made up the rape allegation for some drama. They told me it wasn’t rape because it wasn’t prosecutable.

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Jul 03

Zel’s Story: The Untold Story

But there was a different feeling rising in me that quickly numbed out all others. It was fear. Absolute terror came over me. I realized that this man has absolute control over my body at this point. There are no words that can stop him.

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Jun 27

Maria’s Story: My Sexual Assault Saved Me

What happened still affects me, and truthfully, it always will. I need you to know what you did was not ok. I wrote this because it was the easiest way for me to address the situation. I honestly just needed you to know what you did to me, how wrong you were, and the impact it has had.”

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Jun 24

Anonymous story: The Night That Changed Everything

I’ve always heard of people being raped, and always felt so bad when I would hear stories, but I never actually truly understood the feeling of being raped until the day it happened to me. It was like any other normal day, just going about my daily life. I don’t want to get into to …

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