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Dec 09

Anonymous Story: She said, “Last night was a mistake”

Clothes were taken off and kisses were exchanged as we moved to her bed. Once naked, I realized it was too much for me and told her I wanted to stop and sleep. She initially agreed but soon resumed her touching and groping.

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Dec 08

Maya’s story: Maybe it wasn’t my fault

I began to panic that I wasn’t going to get out. He wasn’t going to let me leave. I asked if I could go to the toilet. I had the crazy idea that I would just run. But he came with me. He sat outside the toilet door. I started to cry in the toilet. There was literally no escape. I didn’t even have my shoes. He started banging on the door and told me to hurry up. When I opened the door, he walked me back to his bedroom.

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Dec 01

Anonymous Story: He said he would respect my boundaries

Eventually he asked for sex. I said no. He kept trying to convince me. I said no. He gave up and went back to kissing. Later i got ready to go to bed and put on a pair of shorts. He kept touching my ass and fooling around but I kept saying no sex. I felt a sharp pain inside me and i cried out. He had forced himself inside me.

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Dec 01

Anonymous Story: I want to yell louder

I walked home tonight. Alone and late. I know I know what an incredibly irresponsible thing to do. Then the anger the rage of my fear, my politeness, and my rape bubbled that shit would not be contained. Walked for over a mile grunting and yelling and realizing that shit that had been deposited in my soul.

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Nov 27

Anonymous Story: Boyfriends

I’ve been raped many times, so many times i cannot even count. I’ve had sex with 40 guys and they have been everything from sweet and charming to downright horrendous.

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