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Nov 19

Anonymous Story: Memories

I have had a memory recently that i had never had before, so I’m not sure how real or accurate it is. I can see someone on top on me, with them holding my mouth shut & they are having intercourse with me. The person doing this is just a blur, I can’t see any details about them, but i can tell where I am & it seems too real to me to be fabricated by my own mind. I am just struggling with the fact of is this true & accurate & has my mind just buried it deep down, or am I crazy & imagining it.

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Nov 17

Anonymous Story: He Was Supposed To Be My Father Figure

She wouldn’t let him near me. But, my brothers still had to see him every week. He taught them to call me “princess” (his pet name for me) and “whore”. They were 10 and 7.

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Nov 16

Anonymous Story: Your Mom is supposed to protect you.

At 8 I was raped at knife point by a neighbors uncle. so so terrifying. No one did anything. I saw this man daily for months after. My mom said I made it up. She knew this creep had been in prison almost his whole life. She was too afraid that it would come out about her and my Stepdad.

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Nov 14

Julia’s Story: Psychologist advice

My name is Julia, I was raped at the age of 14. I found out I was pregnant on the day I lost the baby at 14.
I studied Psychology, went to therapy and nothing seemed to help. Until I realized that this one is on me. So I fought and today, I am happier than I’ve ever been.

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Nov 13

Carly’s Story: His Only Daughter That He Chose To Hurt

My adoptive mother didn’t want anything to do with me after me getting raped. She would call me horrible horrible names that no mother should call her child. Slut, whore, bitch, etc. My adoptive mother knew how much I hated my adoptive father, so as punishment for losing my virginity before marriage she made my adoptive dad take me on hunting and fishing trips.

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