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Nov 13

Isadora’s Story: How my sexual abuser reminds me of Trump

But, Trump’s “just kiss. Don’t wait” guy talk shit or whatever we want to call it is a REAL problem and a REAL attitude men have. I can draw a direct parallel with my first experience. All through being touched inappropriately in ways I did NOT want, did NOT consent to, and was physically struggling to get away from, I was told over and over “I told you I fancied you, just give me one kiss, just one kiss, come on.”

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Nov 04

Anonymous Story: I Thought it was Over…

I have been manipulated, lied too and I was lonely. I was expressing my feelings all over social media, hoping they would realise what they have done. Instead he made himself the victum in the situation…and this was only the begining.

Someone new decided to inbox me to see if I was okay, he was …

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Oct 10

Shaelan’s Story: When I Can’t Sleep

Now, i want to start off by saying that i was never raped but my experience lasted 8 years of my life and i always felt like i couldn’t compare myself to the ones who had been but my story is just as meaningful as anyone else.

For 8 years, i kept something to myself …

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Oct 07

Elizabeth’s Story: My Worst Nightmare

Nobody really knows my whole, true story. I don’t like to talk about it; however, I think people need to quit assuming they know everything and gossiping, slut shaming me, and making it seem as though I was never a victim. I’m not going to delve into the gruesome details, because even I don’t want …

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Sep 24

Anonymous Story: Finding a way to move on

I was a Sophomore in college and it was first semester. I am now a 5th year college student because I almost failed out of school the year of my assult due to psychological issues from the assult.

I had just gotten home to my apartment by a sober driver for a fraternity. I had …

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