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Nov 27

Anonymous Story: Boyfriends

I’ve been raped many times, so many times i cannot even count. I’ve had sex with 40 guys and they have been everything from sweet and charming to downright horrendous.

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Nov 22

Anonymous Story: I didn’t consent to unprotected sex

I felt guilty identifying with people who had experienced more violent encounters, so I downplayed it in my head, and to others. I instantly became more withdrawn sexually. I stopped having sex for about a year, and when I started again I would often have panic attacks during sex. Then I would feel guilty for ruining the sexual experience for the other participant.

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Nov 14

Anonymous Story: A long time ago…

Around 1 am he came into my bedroom and raped me. (I had rollers in my hair!) He left and as i walked him to the door shaking my head and told him how he abused my trust. He called me the next day at work. I said I cannot believe you would even think I would talk to you, and i hung up. I blamed myself.

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Nov 10

Paige’s Story: Change needs to happen.

After the attack I started to walk off, he said to me what’s wrong? I replied saying I said no, his come back to this was “sometimes no means yes when it comes to women”.

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Nov 06

Anonymous Story: CATFISHED by the LAW

I thought we were seeing each other and his plan was to drug me, beat me, rape me, torture me all nite long in that laquinta motel room on Abercorn almost 8 years ago.

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