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Sep 17

Lily’s Story: I Still Haven’t Told Anyone

I was 21 at the time and on holiday this was about 7 years ago now, I’ve never told anyone about it. For some reason it’s been really affecting me in the last month. Me and my friend’s had been out to a club that night and were heading to get a burger. I admit …

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Sep 12

Anonymous Story

I have a problem saying the word no. I never wanted to hurt or make someone upset. So at 23 I found myself dating an ex from high school that I really didn’t know. It was only the third day we had seen each other since we started dating and his hands found their way …

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Aug 20

Anonymous Story: Will I Ever Feel Again???

I was a person and a girl and a wife……now I feel like nothing Life seems to have targeted me just as the 2 men that raped me I have been trying to find out what makes some girls targets and how these creeps figure it out I have spent 22 years trying to figure …

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Aug 16

Arielle’s story: Taken From A Night Out And Raped By Three Men

A fun night in town turned into the worst night of my life after being taken from town home with 3 men, they were all around 5-7 years older then me, it was the end of my night and I was waiting with a taxi with my friend these guys asked if we wanted to …

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Aug 12

Anonymous Story

I was with a friend, who had a fiance and child. We had hung out many times and he would what I considered “joking around” had asked me questions like “would you have sex with me?” “Wanna make out?” I brushed it off and would say he’s gross and it’s innaporpriate, that it was insulting, …

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