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Jan 04

Anonymous Story: Finally opening up about my past sexual abuse

A few days later he told me he will leave pics around the neighberhood for other kids to see. I begged him not to and was scared at the thought of others seeing me doing that. I said I’ll do anything to not show those pics, he replied hmmm let me think! He said if I did the same thing everyday before work for him he could refrain from showing them.

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Dec 22

Anonymous Story: What happened I feel has traumatized me so much.Please tell me am I overreacting?I came here hoping someone can give me some advice, or even some words of comfort.

Why would I scream my head off if a man did it but I can’t verbalize a succinct “NO” to this short skinny mature pervert…

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Dec 13

Zoe’s Story: No one will shame me for this

You see, this evening should have been simple, however, it was nothing of the sorts. It turned out to be a horror story and an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fast forward to me on the ground…him taking my clothes off…me expressing how he could. Not. Go. Inside. Of. Me. Him stating that he didn’t think he would get another chance after that night. Me saying no. Him holding my arms down. Me saying stop. Him telling me that I was almost 30 and I should have done this by now. Me…disappearing. Him not finishing and getting off of me. Him asking me to finish him off. Me sitting on the ground in the corner trying to figure out how to leave. Me asking him to walk me to my car. Me…driving home, wondering what happened.

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Dec 06

Anonymous Story: I wanted Kinky: But not like this…Unwanted Anal Sex

I asked him what it was and he just explained it was some kinky stuff he bought. He blind folded me and tied my arms. I admit I was into it until he started yelling out these racial slurs… and after that he penetrated me. I still kinda liked it.
But all of a sudden he shoved his penis in my anis and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was trying to get him to stop and push him off me but my arms were tied and he was way stronger than I thought he was. I just pretty much laid there and waited for him to be finished. That was the most agonizing and excruciating pain I ever felt in my life and it seemed like it lasted forever.

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Dec 01

Anonymous Story: He said he would respect my boundaries

Eventually he asked for sex. I said no. He kept trying to convince me. I said no. He gave up and went back to kissing. Later i got ready to go to bed and put on a pair of shorts. He kept touching my ass and fooling around but I kept saying no sex. I felt a sharp pain inside me and i cried out. He had forced himself inside me.

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