Jun 08

Changing Views with the Healing Journey

I remember years ago thinking people who could forgive a monster capable of harm, an abuser, rapist, a bad person– they must be nuts.  I could not fathom even the thought.  Forgiveness was a swear word.  Now, I’m feeling a shift.  I fully recognize I may still have days or weeks that I am angry …

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Jun 06

WYR welcomes Jen to our growing team!

I am excited to report that our WYR team is growing – recently Jen has joined Elizabeth, Lindsay, Heather, Samantha and me as a blogger on our team.

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May 26

It’s Okay To Have Weak Points, It Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

When someone hurts you in a way that you never thought they were capable of, it does something to you emotionally and physically. You start to doubt that the person that you once were was anything special. That maybe you aren’t worth the fight. That maybe, even though you know it is not your fault, …

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May 01

Lost: The Trail from Sexual Abuse to Addiction

It takes courage to reach out for help. Treatment extends further than a rehabilitation facility and may span from weeks to years. Substance addicts with a history of sexual abuse, however, have a more specific set of needs that will be addressed in treatment. There are countless therapy and family groups available so victims of sexual abuse and struggling addicts don’t feel alone in their recovery.

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Apr 25

I will prevail

Rapist, offender, criminal
You stole my soul and my will to live that night

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